Monday, November 03, 2003

Nov 2003 - Mom's towels

I took this huck pattern from the May/June 2003 Handwoven issue. I think Mom said she wanted pink in her dishtowels but I'm not sure. I wish she had asked for another colour, pink is definitely not my favourite. The taupe stripes seem to attenuate it a bit at least.

Too late for changing my mind, the warp is ready to be put on the loom.

I find threading much easier with string heddles as it doesn't require the use of a hook like with metal heddles, just my fingers.

The idea for the "template" comes from Sara Von Tresckow's web site.

A complete view.

The nice border stitching pattern is made by weaving in a metal rod, which will be removed later.

Once the rod removed, threads are hemstitched in groups making pretty openings. And I still don't like the pink ;-)

No more warp, I'm done with the weaving!

The usual quality inspection. Approved!

The final hemstitching operation.

The final product! Done with my this Christmas gift.