Monday, April 05, 2004

Apr 2004 - Great Aunt Rita

Great aunt Rita, now in her late 80's wanted me to weave her a little something. Affraid she would keep handwoven tea-towels hidden preciously in a drawer somewhere, I decided to make her a little mat or coaster she could display and look at more often.

I drew a little design with her name on it and explored a technique similar to Finnväv. I did not know at the time if it had a name but here's how the results will compare with Finnväv:

I wanted to achieve clearer pattern borders than what I obtained on my last project.

One drawback though is that it requires twice as many picks than Finnväv. Each pattern block must be picked up twice.

The finished project

Now upside-down.

Some more comparisons, here in Finnväv:

And in ... (haven't found it a name):

One of my helpers ;-)