Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flying shuttle test drive

I built this simple trapeze to help me warping the loom by myself.

The flange sticks (idea taken from http://www.tallbacka.se/ovr-pr9.jpg) work great at keeping the warp threads from spreading out. Extra layers of sticks are not needed if the warp is wound under high tension.

This will be the first time I use the flying shuttle.

Once used to throwing the shuttle and the shuttle boxes adjusted correctly, the shuttle stopped jumping offtrack and the results are nice. The selvages are very regular with an end-feed shuttle and correct border thread interlacement.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The flying shuttle beater is almost ready.

This project was started back in August 2009 but put aside until a few weeks ago. The new shuttle race is now ready besides maybe a few more coats of oil.

I was eager to throw the shuttle back and forth but I quickly realized how destructive this device can be, once flying off its race into the cabinet, and a second time diving right into the concrete floor. Not good for the shuttle tips nor for anything around. I am affraid of it now!

Hopefully a warp will help keeping the shuttle within its shed. Maybe not?