Thursday, June 28, 2012

Linen-cottolin scarf and rug samples

While Nero is helping out on the hand dyed linen-cottolin scaft project,

I am preparing a short warp for weaving rug samples for our weaving Guild.

So short that it's not even reaching the warp beam.

All done!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Late with posting but busy weaving this spring.

I have been busier weaving than posting lately which is in a sense much better than having no time to

My first double-weave overshot sample is completed.

Then I wove a second one that looks like a regular single layer overshot but look closely and notice the different sections where the colour of the tabby colour becomes the pattern weft in the adjacent section.

After cutting these samples off, I re-slew everything to try the "sun, moon and stars" pattern found in Jennifer Moore's Doubleweave book with the remainder of the warp.

This loom doesn't have a counterbalance beam so I used three jacks on each side to hold the pulleys.

I also found out that putting a rubber band around the upper sticks on each side helps a lot stabilizing the shafts when weaving on a narrow warp.

The small loom was used for a cotolin tea towels project.

I also wove a matching narrow band to make suspending loops for these towels.

At our weaving Guild, I wove a few 8/2 cotton towels. The direct view we have on the waterfront is so inspiring.

And back home my last project was to weave a table runner using siberian iris leaves I cut and kept in the garage some 2 or 3 summers ago.

The loom is warpes with linen, mostly singles with narrow gaps between each colour sections. I used a repp technique where leaves are woven in groups of 6 and cut at about 6 inches from the selvage line.

The floor soon became a mess.

So did the table during the final trim

And here is the final product!