Wednesday, July 04, 2012


I once found this picture on the Internet and kept it for future use.

Last weekend, I warped the loom for my first Smålandsväv weave. It was also the first time I used a warping paddle and made a cross at both ends. I found out that the portée cross simplifies putting the warp up on the loom.

I drilled useless extra holes on the two middle treadles, right underneath the closest preset top harness beam. But I ended up with too much space between both harnesses. The back shafts are finally threaded on the 10th holes.

My samples... washed, pressed, then mangled. The ground weave in 2/9 linen, 18 ends/inch (7 ends/cm). A bit too open, Maybe I'll use a thicker ground weft. Blocks are 3x3 ends. Pattern weft used is cotton chenille (5 middle colours), 2/8 worsted wool (navy), single handspun wool (large top grey) and doubled 2/9 linen (bottom yellow). Wool gave the best results: weft shots are nicely sitting flat next to each other, slightly felted. Cotton chenille doesn't look at its best once pressed and worst after flat mangling, same as when just getting unrolled from the bobbin.

The first runner is woven with natural 2/8 worsted wool. There is 10 yards of warp wounded up on the back, hopefully enough for 3 or 4 pieces.