Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Mar 2004 - Made it 10 shafts

This homemade loom is starting to fall appart, the glued joints are letting go and need to be reinforced with bolts.

I'll take advantage of the situation where the loom is dismantled to raise the breast and back beams and increase the number of shafts. Raising the beams is necessary to fit two levels of lamms.

I haven't seen the loom like this since the day it arrived home. It is also the perfect timing to move it into another room.

Here we see the replacement front posts (lighter colour). The back beam was also raised. I will need to back it out somehow to lengthen the distance between the beams. This loom is not deep enough...

Lots of shafts!

And also lots of tie-ups awaiting. Texsolv hasn't yet made it into this home.