Saturday, August 25, 2012

2nd throw

The is enough warp left on the loom for a second throw. I replaced the narrow stripes with different ones attached to a shaft stick for easier warp advancement.

The shaft stick is attached to the frame with 2 strings. After advancing the warp, adjusting these 2 strings until an even tension is obtained is all it needs instead of adjusting every single stripe separately.

It looks quite different than the previous (70's) one.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beautiful 70's

I finished weaving my first throw this morning. I am here twisting the fringes and must admit I like it a lot despite it's outdated colour scheme.

So the previously called ugly 70's colours turned into beautiful 70's and could not match any better in our living room. Am I plagued with bad taste? Please don't answer.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ugly 70's or Autumn palette?

Some old second hand wool added up to my stash a good while ago and I need it to go. Call it ugly 70's or autumn palette if you wish but throwing it away is not an option. Maybe I secretely like this colour scheme I grew up in? Probably more an out-of-comfort-zone project.

Most of this two ply coarse wool it is dark brown and light pink, warped at 8 epi.

Creativity sometimes require adjustments... the two middle narrow stripes don't match and need to be replaced.

So does technique. A weighted warp offers decreasing resistance to an increasing pull while a fixed one offers an increasing (equal) resistance (well until it breaks). Combining both tension methods on the same project gives unequal tension. I had to think of something else and replace the weights with texsolv cord which allows fine tension adjustement on the modified sections and a constant behaviour when beating.

Why 8 shafts? to weave the first throw in broken twill and the second one in tabby. This project could be published in a magazine no? Well maybe, if this was 1972!

As usual, I had to build something: a temple wide enough for this loom.