Wednesday, April 18, 2012

double weaving overshot samples

During the overshot class taken at our guild, I wanted to try weaving an overshot double weave sample.

I had (as usual) to start with making some new parts. 4 block requires 4 shafts and 6 threadles, multiply by 2 for double weave. My wider loom only has 10 threadles and it's lower lamm cannot accommodate more than that. Why are the lower ones for 12 threadles and the upper ones only for 10? That's what came with the loom...

New upper lams and extra threadles
Each layer needs it's own set of shafts, lamms and threadles, as if they were woven on separate looms.

split tie-up, one group per layer
I do not (yet) have a back harness (drawloom) for this loom but I still use long-eyed heddles and control the alternance of the layers manually with a pickup stick and a wide board.

The flipped board replaces a rear harness

Side view of long eye heddles and open back shed
I chose the same pattern on both layers and each layer's pattern picks are thrown immediately one after the other to switch layer in the same interstice. This improves the overall motif clarity and continuity. Top layer ground weft, bottom layer ground weft, top layer pattern weft, bottom layer pattern weft.

Woven sample